About Us

About Our Institution

"I don't teach children, But create conditions for them to learn" (Albert Einstein)

Established in 2003, Green Ville Public School started with a dream......... a glorious vision to create an ambience conducive to creative learning.

We at GVPS continuously strive to words the holistic development of children and try to inculcate all necessary skills in them needed to cope up with the changing times.

Our curriculum emphasizes on strong reading and writing skills. It also includes activities ranging from academic to cultural and sports. This provides their inner creativity a chance to blossom along with academic growth. GVPS is a place where learning is fun, where children can feel, observe and experiment while learning.

Our ultimate goal is to work towards building a positive attitude and laying of a strong foundation with emphasis on quality and values.

We expect the parents to work with us as a team so that the common dream that we share for our children see the light of reality.

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