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Activity Room

The faculty of the School encourages students to develop and value artistic creations as a means to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through their study of art, role play, skit, music, and dance, students learn to plan, develop and present artistic products or performances that reflect their own creativity. Students are also encouraged to try new combinations of tools, resources, techniques and approaches throughout their study.

Computer Lab

We give each student the opportunity to enhance their understanding of how to use a computer and software programs that are appropriate for their ability level. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.

Staff Room

The staff of GVPS is facilitated with well-equipped staff rooms where all information’s about the proceedings of the day are displayed on the notice board. It’s a place where teachers plan their activities and share ideas collaboratively.

Smart Classes

Technology is changing the way life functions. Smart classes have been installed in GVPS to enable teachers to impart quality education. The visual impact makes learning enjoyable and is also retained for a longer period.

Swimming Pool

The School has a Swimming Pool to provide proper Health and Physical Education with a well trained instructor to all the students so that all the students get the opportunity to learn basic aquatic skills by the end of year . The school has A kiddie Splash pool too for tiny tots to enjoy water paddling and have experience of Swimming Pool.


Library is more like an integrated knowledge resource centre. It is stocked with plenty of books in various categories and a number of periodicals and newspapers including references , fiction , non-fiction, science fictions, encyclopedias, dictionaries and text-books thus, covering all the aspects of academics. The library encourages the love of reading and development of student’s independent learning skills.

Science Lab

GVPS has a well-equipped and spacious lab. to enable “LEARNING BY DOING”. It helps to foster scientific temperament among the students.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall also known as Chanakya Hall serves many purpose. It is used for conducting assemblies and all inter house competitions.